Welcome to stories of mission

Our Church is actively seeking to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth as Jesus commanded us to do. 

Below are some of the current mission communications we have received from Missionaries we support around the world.

  • Missionary athletes international - (11/5/2017)

    Summer and Fall have raced away. Thanksgiving and Christmas wait around the corner, and I am finally finding a few moments to compose a letter. I could write about any number of ministry opportunities, but I will mention only a couple.

    Czech Republic: Back in July, Bill Galipault and I led another mission trip to the Czech Republic. The mission team, comprised of high school and college age players, helped the Apostolic Churches in Breclav and Hodonin run evangelistic soccer camps. Though the team was small (7 players altogether), they had big hearts. They jumped right into the ministry and poured themselves out day and night for the Czech children. The Lord gave me many tasks during the trip-translating, coaching, driving players to different locations (nothing like driving an ancient Communist-era vehicle!), preaching, getting guys on and off trains (not always an easy thing to do). Not only did He entrust me with those responsibilities, He also gave me strength for the. I also managed to get a few minutes of playing time on the field. 

    Summer Camp: Shortly after returning from Czech, we helped the Guys Mills United Evangelical Free Church run their outreach soccer camp. A number of my high school players served as coaches for the week-long event. This was our 2nd camp of the summer. In early June we led a three-day event for Meadville First Baptist Church.  Both camps had great turn-outs, and both churches worked hard to organize them. 

    Teaching Ministry: At the end of last school year, the Academy's administration asked me to consider teaching the Junior High and Senior High Bible classes for the 2017-18 academic year. I accepted the offer, and have been teaching those courses since August. It's been more work, and it's been a stretch. Still, I am grateful for the privilege of teaching God's Word. In addition to these new duties, I am still also serving as the youth pastor at Meadville First Baptist. On a typical Wednesday night gathering about 15 teens gather in the church's youth room for games, a Bible lesson, and refreshments. 


    Thank you for your prayers and generous financial support. We are grateful for your investment into our lives and into the sports ministry the Lord has allowed us to be involved in.  

    -Steven Mattocks

  • Kosanovic - 11/19/17

    Dear Friends and Family, thank you all as always for praying for us.


    Allie and Keshav, the Nepalese guy Ric has been discipling, were baptized last month at church. We are so thankful they have both made decisions to follow Christ. We've attached two pictures of their baptisms below. Keshav and his new wife Rasmita, as well as his long-time friend Ved Raj are now in the states.  Praise for God granting Ved Raj a student visa after being turned down.  Praise that Ric has seen a new doctor that was willing to listen and talk with us.  Although it wasn’t as positive a visit as we had hoped, we think it will help Ric manage better for now. 

    Prayer Requests:

    Tuesday night English conversation partners has seen a lot of new students and a packed house most nights. Pray for more Christian students and adults to participate on Tuesday nights, and for more families to sign up for First Friends that places students with Christian families to share life with.  Pray for relationships to be built that will open the doors to spiritual conversations and the truth of the gospel to be heard. Praise God for new laborers to Northern Thailand. We’ve talked with several people who are doing partnership development preparing to serve with Pioneers in Northern Thailand. Pray for God to make the way for these already planning to go, and for more laborers.

    As many of you already know, Ric is working with Pioneers stateside, attached to a team in Northern Thailand.  He is also heavily involved with the international student ministry at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), where he's been working with Keshav and Ved Raj from Nepal and Kadir from Bangladesh. We believe that God wants Ric to continue in these roles. In order for Ric to continue to serve in these roles, we are trusting for God to continue to provide for us financially. We knew when we transitioned back to the states that having a different ministry focus and vision would result in the loss of some support.  We just learned we will be losing more at the end of the year, so as we start 2018 our financial support will be down by 1/3. Please pray that God will lead us to new supporters, or if necessary to a part time job that will be flexible for Ric to continue to work with international students as this is where we are beginning to see fruit.  Pray also that we will continue to live by faith and trust in Him fully.

    As always, please let us know how you're doing as well and how we can pray for you!


    Ric & Amy

  • Miracle Mountain Ranch (8.2017)

    What happens in seven weeks of summer camp? Over 1200 ranchers keep over 75 summer staff on their toes! They venture out on 1680 trail rides, consume a hundred doughboys, play innumerable rounds of Octaball and run seven rounds of the Great Banana Relay. They have heard the gospel in 35 chapels and in countless other situations throughout their stay and many have come to salvation in Jesus. We are just finishing up our final week of camp. It truly has been a great summer. 

    We were able to see over 1200 ranchers come to camp. Over 250 of those ranchers came on full or partial scholarships. The Ranch was able to raise $73,000 toward the payment of those scholarships, more than has been raised in years past. 

    We love seeing the work that the Lord does during camp! Our students have done so well in their summer positions. Alyssa served as a counselor and worked hard to love and share Christ with each girl in her bunkhouse. She will be staying as a second-year student! Megan spent her summer as a horsemanship instructor, doing a fantastic job connecting with her students. She will be returning home this fall. Heather just returned from her time at French Camp in Mississippi. She had a great summer, learning how a different camp program operates. Heather will be returning home this fall. Graduation for the School of Discipleship occurs on August 19 and we will be very sad to say goodbye to our girls, as we have been so blessed by them this year. Donnie had a media team of six summer staff this year and they worked hard to take thousands of pictures each week and compile the end of the week video. Donnie also had the opportunity to share for a week of chapel. 

    Our camp theme for chapel was “Made Alive!” from Ephesians 2:4-5 “But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ- it is by grace you have been saved.” He has also been able to preach at several churches this summer. As a family, our summer has been very full! George was able to attend Buckaroo camp for the first time and he loved it! George and Cole were also able to play t-ball, which was hilarious. We have had lots of visitors and have enjoyed spending as much time as possible outside! We are so thankful for your prayers and support. Visit mmrm.org to see the upcoming fall events at the Ranch, we would love to see you!

    Sincerely, Donnie, Tonya, George, Cole, Grant and Karis Rosie

  • Maplewood Youth Vision (8/2017)

    August 2017 – Summer is winding down quickly and I for one wish we could rewind time. The summer has been full of sun, fun, and planning for the upcoming school year. We have some fun things planned and some changes happening too.

    Just an overview of what we are planning of this year – we are going to do units on worship, sibling rivalry, Bible skills (complete with sword drills!), family, and giving. I am still planning on emphasizing Bible stories that many of our students don’t know. We are also going to keep focusing on Scripture memorization as well as learning the books of the Bible.

    This year our times stay the same, but the order that we get the kiddos changes. We will see the 3/4 graders first, followed by the 1/2 graders and ending with the 5/6 graders. We are looking forward to this shift since the first group of kids eat with us and the 1/2 graders tend to be lacking focus. They will still finish lunch with the Release Time staff, but will have time to get started at the school.

    Over the summer we saw several of the kids come out to the Old Home Days parade and ride the float with us. We had a great time celebrating Townville’s birthday, throwing candy, singing, and blowing noisemakers. It is a nice time to connect with the kids and their parents amid all the fun of summer.

    Last week the board had a time of fellowship and brainstorming with the Saegertown board. It is always good to get together and see what works for other people and how we can improve our program. As always, if you would be interested in serving on our board, let me know and we can get you plugged in! Until next time…

    -In His service,


    Please be praying for: The families represented – we have some children returning and some new ones // That God would continue to work in the hearts of these children // Our teachers – both in the classroom and in the Release Time program // Continued support – both financially and prayerfully

    Release Time is a program which enables children to be released from their school day for a time of faith education. 

  • Candace Storms - Paraguay - ETHNOS 360 (8.23.2017)

    I have always referred to various places as simultaneously being home. When I was growing up, "back home" was where my grandparents lived even though I had never even lived in the same state as them. When I was in college, my parents' house was home and when I was at their house for the summer, I called college home. Home for me has simply been the place I stay, but in reality the "homes" most dear to me are the ones where the people are. Most of my friends have moved away from my birth town and my college town, leaving those locations with much less meaning. Home is about people. However, our heart's desire should be to dwell in the presence of our Mighty God and our true home is not even on this earth. I am "home" in the states but I will return "home" to Paraguay in January. As my friendships have spread across the planet so have my "homes" but I realize more than ever that I belong with Jesus and am abundantly blessed to have the assurance of an eternal home with Him.

    With all that said, it is wonderful to be back in the USA for a few months. I look forward to connecting with all of you. Thank you so very much for your love and sacrifice that make it possible for me to have homes on two continents! It would be impossible without all of you!!

    - With much love and a grateful heart,


  • Dr. Asenia Banaga - Grace Christian Mission - Philippines (08.23.2017)

    Dear Helping and Praying Friends,

    Blessings to all from a brand new day through Jesus Christ our Lord!

    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” Galatians 5: 22(NCV). Truly indeed, that with the presence of the Holy Spirit in us, we can do all things for His glory. This is the great privilege being a child of the King, although unworthy we are made worthy of all His blessings.

    Once again, I am sharing you the blessings of the fruit of the Spirit we are worth rejoicing and some of the concerns that He is urging us praying for.

    THE HOME, CHILDREN and STAFF; GCM- home has 3 programs;

    a. The In-housed children; total of 11; 5- girls and 6- boys; ages are 5-12 years old; staying in the home, all needs are provided.

    b. The Community-Based Children: total of 33, 16- boys and 17- girls; ages are 5- 16 years old, staying in the community with loved ones or guardians, being helped with school supplies, tuition fees, books, uniforms, etc. and other supplies available in the home like clothes, canned goods, etc.

    c. The Independent- Living children: Total of 13- all girls: released over aged and over staying children at GCM home but still needs support until they finish their senior high school. They are asked to provide a very minimal amount for their food, electricity, gas for cooking, and etc. whatever is lacking from their budget, the home supplies.

    THE STAFF: GCM has 12 staff-; 8 in the home and 4 in the head office including the founder, Dr. Arsenia D. Banaga . The home has 3 – social workers, 1- full time and 2- part time; 2- care givers, 1- cook, 1- part time bookkeeper and over-all staff, the executive director.

    The home financial concern is about $ 3,500.00 monthly for all the supplies needed of the 3 programs, children’s vitamins and medicines and staff salaries.

    THE SCHOOLS; Antipolo and Bicol

    a. Elementary- Antipolo: headed by a former GCM child- Mrs. Perpetua C. Llorico; have 130 enrollees, and 8 teachers. Prayer concern students can pay their monthly dues, teachers to receive regular monthly salaries about $ 1000.00/ month and now the Department of Education is requiring them to build another room for their pre-school and an office for the principal, amounting to $15,000.00

    b. Junior and Senior High school- Antipolo: Headed by a former child of GCM, Mr. Roberto N. Sonio, with 10 full time and 3- part time teachers. Have 107- Junior high school and 36- Senior high schools enrollees. 60% of their salaries are subsidized by the government while the other 40% is provided by prayer through faith in Jesus Christ.

    c. Junior high school – Bicol: headed by a former student who was helped by the founder to finish college – Mr. Edison R. Recio, with 16 – full time teachers and 422 enrollees. Salary is subsidized by the Government their finances are more stable than in Antipolo because of the number of students they have. At present, they are working on the realization of their Senior high school- classrooms’ budget that is about a Million pesos or $ 25,000.00 and required papers to be submitted to the Department of Education to be ready for SY 2018- 2019. Please be praying with us. It is not a joke to serve but our God is not a joker but a provider. Praise Him!!!!

    CHURCHES: GCM have 4 small churches in the community. 1- in the tribal areas, the oldest, 2- in the remote villages of Antipolo and 1- in Bicol. These churches’ pastors are all living by faith but are thankful enough for our Almighty Father who is their defender and provider. GCM children especially in Antipolo are helping with the praise and worship as the drummer, guitarist, tambourine dancers and vocalists, some are teachers of children and young people. They love to share and use their talents for the glory of God.

    LIVELIHOOD PROJECTS; Most of GCM home children are taught how to make paper beads for fashion jewelries which they enjoy so much especially those who are under the independent living program, the younger ones are weaving doormats out of textile cut outs from factories, those who are interested of plants, they are planting vegetables and ornamental plants. Some are taught how to plant bigger plants like bananas and other fruit bearing trees. Now little by little, we are now experiencing to harvest banana blossoms and fruits. With the supervision of some adults, some are also taught how to make liquid dishwashing soap. Pray with us that these children will treasure these livelihood techniques and skills that they may also use for their future.

    SPONSORS, DONORS, FRIENDS, AND VISITORS; The home is blessed with many friends and visitors whom God uses to sustain its daily needs. Some are from the United States, sending monetary help for general fund and sponsorship fund. Some are sending boxes of different goods, clothes, shoes, books, etc. that the children love and enjoy wearing, using and reading daily. Some are walk-in visitors, others are students doing their outreached programs and just recently, Christian Medical Doctors from our own Philippines General Hospital, untiringly and generously sharing us what they have and know that benefits GCM children and neighbors. Thank You God for using these concern, loving and God-fearing people whom You sent.

    OUR FOUNDER AND CEO – Dr. Arsenia D. Banaga; Just recently, she submitted herself to several physical and laboratory check-ups. Praise God, because the doctors said that she is well and fine though she has some maintenances to cope with her age of 85.

    This is how wonderful and amazing the God whom we love and serve. The God who is faithfully working in us with the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He keeps on blessing, loving, keeping and guiding us. His ways are perfect, nothing to compare.

    Thank you also friends for all the blessings you are sharing us. Your help in many ways and prayers, made GCM life easier and fruitful, many lives are blessed and transformed through you. In return we also keep a list of your names for prayer during our devotion time. May our God continue to keep and bless you abundantly. All glory to the Father Almighty. Praise His Holy Name!


    In His Service,

    Mrs. Nancy Lily M. Manalo /for GCM, Inc.

  • Pregnancy Center of meadville (07.2017)

    The Center gives out lots of diapers! We rely on the generosity of our supporters who bring diapers here and then we use the financial resources people donate to purchase them. Having spent more than normal this past month (July) on supplies, I was going to have to curtail that spending. I was staring into a bare cupboard where we keep the size 4 and up diapers when I left for this past weekend. Well, this is where the Lord works! My youngest grandson celebrated his 10th birthday earlier in July. Because we didn't know what to get him, my husband and I gave Brett money for part of his gift. Guess what he decided to purchase with his gift? If you guessed diapers, you nailed it! No one encouraged him to do that ~ all his own idea! Last night he brought them to my home and loaded them in my car. Well Brett, you already this morning helped a little guy whose mom had no money to buy him diapers. This grandma's heart is full of joy because of a kindhearted grandson, a mom and baby who were blessed with help and our loving heavenly Father who brought this altogether! God works in amazing ways, all the time! And a shout out to Vogt Heating & Cooling for taking care of the Center's heating/cooling needs. You are generous and professional and we are thankful for all you help!

    I had a meeting this morning (8/14) with a Legislative Correspondent from Washington, DC. I was sharing how area people help us by dropping off supplies and I showed him a bag of new baby outfits a family in my church just donated on Sunday. As he was preparing to leave, a woman came to the door with diapers to donate. She read on Facebook we needed them. He was amazed by that and so was I! The timing showed him firsthand evidence of what I had just shared. No tax dollars used here. Only the kindness and generosity of small town America!

    We love your giving spirit! Thank you to all of you who help us help others.

    Many have changed their plans for abortions as they accept the knowledge that God is Creator. Clients are offered the hope we find in Jesus and how exciting it is to place a Bible into the hands of someone who never had one. Wounds have been healed from past abortions as women work through the Bible study “Forgiven and Set Free”. Children are provided the material help they need, as their parents struggle to meet those basic needs. We are thankful for the support of churches who want to reach out in Jesus’ name with help and hope. We send our heartfelt appreciation to you.

    Kay Gage – Director of the Pregnancy Center of Meadville